realtor websites

at KNOWN we don’t simply create realtor websites, we digitally empower real estate entrepreneurs through websites and digital marketing so that they can be more successful in growing their business in a crowded marketplace.

KNOWN is an Affiliate Business Partner with the Pinellas Realtor Organization.

what does digital empowerment provide a real estate entrepreneur?

- legitimacy -

a website instantly verifies you are real.

- instant credibility -

a professional looking and informative website establishes trust. the naked eye knows the difference between the weekend warrior web design versus professional web design.

- great first impression -

often, a website is the first impression someone has of you. make a lasting impression. you may only get this one chance!

- distinction -

a professionally designed website will be uniquely yours. stand out from the crowd.

- increased brand awareness -

enhance your name in the marketplace. want more referrals? start with brand awareness.

- greater influence -

you control what the viewers see.

- 24/7 marketing -

while you’re sleeping each night, your website is still working.

- level playing field -

the size of your business doesn't matter in the digital marketplace.

- greater visibility -

get found be known. unless you really don’t want to be known, you need to properly optimize your presence online.

- lead generation -

we all know referrals are a great source of business. it is, after all, a warm lead. so is a consumer searching the web for a real estate professional.

- higher conversions -

websites that look good and are properly optimized will lead to higher conversions. convert more.

- quality conversions -

improve the quality of leads you receive online by properly optimizing your online presence.

realtor website costs


Bronze Package

Silver Package

Gold Package

one time setup cost $350 $395 $495
monthly cost $45 $85 $95
WordPress theme $60 $0 $60 $0 $60 $0
WordPress editor plugin $50 $0 $50 $0 $50 $0
WordPress forms plugin $50 $0 $50 $0 $50 $0
key website deliverables
responsive mobile friendly design
built on WordPress
easy to use content editor
first class website hosting
first class service & support
website design
unique web design
free stock photography
photo sizing and optimization
logo design
Custom logo design (includes 3 mockups and edits to 1 selection)
MLS IDX property search tools
map property search
basic property search
advanced property search
search by address
MLS listing number search
custom search forms
lead capture tools
featured listing management tools
website development
website hosting setup
WordPress setup
WordPress theme setup
WordPress Plugins setup
home page
contact us page
IDX pages
social media links
blog setup
SEO plugin install & configure
keyword research
setup title tags
setup meta description tags
Google Analytics Account
Google Search Console
301 Redirects
website security
Google reCaptcha setup & configuration
SSL purchase & setup
website antivirus setup
website phishing protection setup
website malware protection setup
website training
teach you how to edit your website (should you choose to)
montly services and support
website hosting
nightly backups
website antivirus scanning
website phishing scanning
website malware scanning
WordPress updates
WordPress Plugin updates
Website Content and Image Editing