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known digital marketing is a website design and development company.

we specialize in digitally empowering small businesses in more than 80 different industries to maximize their visibility and credibility in the digital marketplace.

we provide a variety of services from web design, web development, seo, sem, and e-commerce.

we are ready to empower
your business digitally.

since 2010
100's of projects
more than 80 industries served.
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what a great online presence can do for your business

1. legitimacy

a website instantly verifies you are real.

2. instant credibility

a professional looking and informative website establishes trust.

3. first Impression

often, a website is the first impression someone has of you.

4. it's expected

consumers expect you to have a website.

5. influence

you control what the viewers see.

6. 24/7 marketing

while you’re sleeping each night, your website is still working.

7. level playing field

the size of your business doesn’t matter in the digital marketplace.

8. visibility

get found be known.

about known digital marketing

known digital marketing was founded in 2010 from the idea that all small businesses should have a great online presence. the founder, having spent more than 20 years in the technology sector observed the services being provided small businesses for years, and realized that a very important part of their marketing was either completely missing or not getting the attention it deserved.

who we serve

known digital marketing has offices in the Chicago and Tampa/St. Petersburg areas. we serve a variety of small businesses across the united states. 

Jeff Stolbom

Jeff Stolbom
founder & owner

Nancy Stolbom

Nancy Stolbom

what you won’t find here

the web developer market space is full of uncertainty due to gimmicks, overused technical sales jargon, and promises that can’t be kept. all of this leads to unmet expectations and the unwillingness to invest in your businesses marketing and technology. known digital marketing will guarantee that you will not get any of that from us.

what you will find here

we are a small business like many of you and have many of the same challenges you face each day. at known digital marketing, we are honest, transparent, affordable, trustworthy, accessible and experienced. because we refuse to cut corners, we are not always the lowest cost provider you may find. we insist on quality first.

we promise only what we can deliver!