How much does Search Engine Marketing cost?
Search Engine Marketing costs vary on so many levels. Similar to offline advertising cost, some key factors are how competitive is the advertising space in your desired target market area, the number of advertisers, geography, as well as how popular is your product or service in the market. There is no one answer fits all to this question. There are cases where it may not be cost effective to perform SEM and many cases where it can pay off big! The key is doing your homework.

There are three basic fees involved in Search Engine Marketing. The first is the cost in time it takes to properly setup a campaign. Next you have the actual advertising cost. These are the fees charged by companies like Google for using their platform to advertise on. Lastly, there is the ongoing cost of time in managing your campaign to ensure it is working successfully and you’re getting the best bang for your buck. All three cost areas are completely in your control. Be sure you understand these costs before you dive in with both feet. Not sure where to begin? Hire an expert.

How to measure Search Engine Marketing?
Measuring the success of an advertising campaign begins with first establishing what the goal is of advertising for in the first place. But let’s skip all the fluff, shall we. The bottom line is what we hear most often from our clients is they want more customers. The reason they advertise is to get more business. Knowing that is the start of how we can measure the success of an SEM campaign.

So how can we tell if an SEM Campaign brought me more customers? Although no system is perfect or full proof, if setup properly, you should be able to measure customer conversions by knowing if the very people of came to you from an SEM campaign actually bought from you. Only you know the answer to that question but your SEM Campaign expert should be able to provide you the specifics of those persons who came to you from an SEM Campaign. Compare that to who bought and there you have it, your measurement for whether or not an SEM Campaign is working.

Can I perform Search Engine Marketing myself?
Of course you can. Search Engine Marketing is a tool for anyone with a credit card, some time and most importantly, some know how. However, an expert should get you to where you want to go a lot faster than pulling out your copy of SEM for Dummies.

If you’re going to hire an expert to run your SEM Campaign, make sure they’re transparent with their cost of services. There are several costs involved with setting up and maintaining an SEM Campaign. See How much does Search Engine Marketing Cost above.

Why should I hire a Search Engine Marketing expert?
Hiring an experienced professional who performs SEM on a regular basis will save you time and money over the long haul. If we can all agree that we advertise in an effort to get more customers and to grow our business, then we can all agree that getting to the end result more efficiently will likely yield greater results. After all, if you were interested in managing your SEM Campaign every day, you’d start your own business providing SEM services.