What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid online advertising. Whether you sell products, services or both, search engine marketing can be an effective way at a) building your brand awareness in the online marketplace or b) serving as a lead generator by driving prospective buyers and customers to your website.

How does Search Engine Marketing work?

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on search engines like Google, you create advertisements that come in many formats from text ads, visual display ads, video ads, ecommerce product ads and more! The most commonly used SEM format for small businesses are text ads or display ads.

Ads are associated with keywords or keyword phrases that are commonly used by consumers to search for your products or services online. When a consumer uses a keyword or keyword phrase in the geographic area of your choosing, your ad will appear in the search results providing you an opportunity to get that consumer to visit your website. If the consumer in fact clicks on your ad and visits your website, you have the opportunity to convert that consumer into a customer. Whether you’re selling products, services, or your objective is to collect data via an online survey, you can measure the success of your search engine marketing campaign(s) by defining what a successful conversion is to your business.