digital marketing with seo

since 2010, known digital marketing has provided digital marketing seo services for small businesses in more than 80 different industries. with hundreds of websites under our belt, we not only know how to perform seo but we get better at it every day. although seo has some science and proven formulas, you also need to be adaptable to changing conditions in your market area.

seo (search engine optimization)

seo (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing the online presence of your business. seo is designed to boost the ranking or visibility of your business in search engines with the goal of driving more traffic to the business.

10 reasons you should perform seo

1. 24/7 marketing

while you’re sleeping each night, your website and online presence are working.

2. level playing field

seo can level the playing field between large and small.

3. visibility

get found be known. unless you really don’t want to be known, you need to properly optimize your presence online.

4. quality traffic

improve the quality of leads you receive online by properly optimizing your online presence.

5. increased brand awareness

enhance your name in the marketplace. want more referrals? start with brand awareness.

6. perceived value

businesses that rank higher have a higher perceived value in the eyes of the consumer.

7. lead generation

we all know referrals are a great source of business. it is, after all, a warm lead. so is a consumer searching the web for your services.

7. improved conversion

properly optimizing your website will lead to higher conversions.

7. user experience

create an efficient browsing experience and one of relevance.

7. long term

unlike advertising, proper optimization of your firm online will provide long-term benefits for everything highlighted above.

seo influencers

1. your website

2. social media

3. YouTube

4. online directories (i.e., google & bing)

5. industry directory sites

6. review websites (i.e., yelp, angie's list)

7. affiliate websites