Website Design for WordPress

WordPress website design can either be 100% custom or a pre-designed theme available for purchase online.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are readily available WordPress Website Designs that have already been created and programmed for use in a WordPress installed website. The main advantage to considering a pre-designed WordPress Theme is the savings in cost from designing your own website from scratch. If a custom design is not in your budget, no worries, a pre-designed theme will get the job done. You may have to make some compromises on the design and layout but it can be budget friendly and still look amazing.

Custom Website Design for WordPress

Although a custom WordPress web design is more costly than a pre-designed theme available online for purchase, the advantage is, you’re going to get exactly what you want. Not all themes available on the market are what you want them to look like or function like. Depending on the strategy of your website a pre-designed theme may feel like trying to squeeze a square peg through a round hole. Contact Known to learn which option is best for your business.