What is a Logo?

A logo is a graphical or textual element we use to identify something. Companies over the years have implemented logos with their brand to help consumers identify them. The traditional human sensory system allows us to see, smell, touch, hear and taste. Depending on the logo we might be looking, may trigger more than just our visual sensors.

What is Logo Design?

Logo Design is the process of creating a graphical or textual design that can be used as a logo in a variety of applications, one being identity of a company or brand.

Logo Designer

Known has graphic designers who are qualified to design and create a new logo for your business. The process starts with a client interview to learn as much about the company and identify any pre-conceived ideas of what the logo should look like. Next is a traditional sketching of ideas and collaboration with the client to narrow down the ideas. Following that comes applying those ideas to digital format where renderings are created and then another round of review with the client. Finally, a single selection is made and refined to get to a final logo design and product.