Common SEO Questions

Anyone who is interested in having their website or business be found online should perform even the most basic level of SEO.

There is no simple answer to this question. There are many factors that can influence how effective SEO on your website will be. These influences range from, how popular are the keywords or keyword phrases you wish to be found under, how well competing websites are optimized, geography, and much more.

The best thing you can do is a) get your website optimized well by following best practices published by Google, and b) periodically look and see how you’re doing. The key is to see continuous improvement in your rankings in the geographic areas you desire under the keywords or keyword phrase you desire. Lastly, adjust as necessary. Doing nothing certainly won’t help.

That is the idea. Properly optimizing your website is done with one simple goal, making sure your get found using the desired keywords or keyword phrases appropriate for you or your business in your desired target market. If performed correctly, SEO will help increase your visibility in the market.

Yes. Google publishes a free SEO Starter Guide that can be downloaded. If you don’t feel you have the discipline, patience or desire to learn how to perform SEO properly on your own then you can always hire someone that does. You can hire Known!

Keywords or Keyword Phrases are what you type into a search engine when you are looking for something online. This virtually means anything can be a keyword. However, some search terms are more common or popular than others. If you plan on performing SEO on your website, you need to research what keywords consumers are using to find you or your business before you jump in with both feet. Optimizing your website for the wrong keywords will certainly make your competitors happy but won’t do you much good.

If you hire an individual or a company to perform SEO on your website, you’re paying for a “service”. Everyone charges different amounts for their time. You’re paying for experience, expertise and most importantly for someone else to do what you either don’t have time to do or are not qualified to do to achieve maximum benefit. It is not illogical to assume that a person, regardless of their experience level, has time invested in research, strategy, development and implementation of SEO. Although there is no one answer fits all, assume you could invest an average of an hour or two per web page you are optimizing.

Simply put, because they are an expert in their field as you are in yours.

No. All SEO Companies are not the same. If the SEO Company you’re talking to is not asking enough questions about your business, there is a pretty good chance you’re not going to get the results for which you are looking. There are many so called experts promoting top rankings on Google and other search engines using just enough jargon to convince you they’re who you should hire. Remember, SEO is for YOU and YOUR business, not theirs.