About Us

Known was founded in 2010 from the idea that all small businesses should have a great online presence.

The founder, Jeff Stolbom previously served as the head of the I.T. Department for a mid-sized management consulting firm who serviced the small business community. Having observed the services being provided these small businesses for years, Jeff realized that a very important part of their marketing was either completely missing or not getting the attention it deserved.

All businesses should have –

  • A great looking website that is credible.
  • A website that gets them found online.

With each passing day, technology is advancing and a large part of that over the last several years has been the evolution of mobile technology. A majority of consumers now own and use a smart phone, which is like having a laptop computer in the palm of your hands. This has changed the way the consumers communicate and use the Internet every day.

Regardless of whether you received a recommendation to a business or searched one out on your own, you are likely looking that business up online.

Known has built websites for hundreds of businesses in over 70 different industries. This diversity has allowed us to fine tune our craft of delivering great looking websites that allow clients to get found in their desired target markets.