5 Elements that make a Logo Design a Great Logo Design

It is quite important for an organization to have a professionally designed logo. A logo becomes the face and the identity of a company; it is instant recognition, much like a flag, banner or shield from the olden days.


Think of any great company or organization you can imagine and now imagine their logo; the connection is immediate and it is solid. This is no accident. The design was invariably done by a professional who interpreted the mission and the very spirit of the company.


On the other hand, when a logo is designed as an afterthought, they are usually just lines on a letterhead or website with no connection at all. In fact, a design that is just “stuck” on a letterhead or website is more a negative than a positive.


Known Technology does a great deal of logo design for Chicago businesses, nonprofits and agencies. We are often asked, “Is there such a thing as cheap logo design?” Our response is that logo design does not have to be expensive, but it does require a lot of thought. The follow-up question is often, “How can we tell a good logo from a bad logo?”


There are 5 elements a logo should have whether it is for a logo design for a Chicago business – or anywhere else, or whether it is a relatively cheap logo or was designed for a huge, multibillion dollar conglomerate.


5 Elements that make a Logo a Great Logo


At Known Technology, we have designed many logos and experience has shown the following elements great logos have in common.



The best logos are simple logos. A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. Good logos “say” something unique without being overdrawn, but what is said is very important.



Is the logo memorable? If you look at a logo and then walk away from it, will you remember it? More important, will you remember the company? We’ve seen many Chicago logo designs where a company, for example, a landscape architect, went online to one of those mass printing companies and put a ready-made logo of a lawnmower on their letterhead. The problem is that 10 other companies might have done the same thing!


An effective logo design must be memorable. Known Technology will design a simple, appropriate logo that says something about your organization not the company down the street,

that people will remember.


An effective logo should be timeless that will endure. Will the logo still be effective in the years to come? Think of Ford Motor Company, Apple Computer or Mutual of Omaha.



A good logo design must be effective and versatile, no matter how it is used. Your organization should be able to use their logo under at least the following conditions: Printed in one color, Printed on something as small as a postage stamp, Printed on something as large as a billboard or even Printed in reverse, i.e. a light version of the logo on dark background or a dark version on a light background.



This is a point that many organizations often miss. A logo doesn’t need to show specifically what a business sells or offers as a service. For example, the logo of a car company doesn’t need to show cars; a computer company doesn’t need to show computers. A logo is purely for identification. How do you identify the essence of your company through a simple, timeless design?


Known Technology can design a logo design for your Chicago area organization that combines all 5 elements in a cost effective and impactful manner.